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The feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie you feel emanating from a class right Read more. We sat down with the choreographer and costume creator for Game Over, Tiffany Morse, and learned a little more about what went into making the dance.

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Forgot which show you perform in? Need to know which costume to wear first?

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Categories: Uncategorized. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The only exception may be if a dance teacher or a physician has determined that the bones in the feet have sufficiently developed.

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The student should have an ability to receive and apply corrections and work diligently to master proper technique. Furthermore, two to three years of serious ballet training is essential.

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This is the minimum time and preparation needed to develop sufficient technique and strength to prepare for pointe work. She should have strong abdominal, pelvic, buttock, and back muscles which hold the torso in proper alignment. The shape of a shoe must match the shape of the foot being fit. The shank should provide ample support to the instep and conform to the arch. Demi-pointes are suggested for pointe work preparation.

They help to strengthen feet, familiarize the student with proper shape and fit, and aid in the transition to traditional pointe shoes. It is recommended that the student have at least two years of classical ballet training. It is recommended that the student is taking a minimum of three classes a week consistently. Strength: Strength is important because a student needs to be able to support herself while en pointe. The muscles that need to be strong including the core muscle groups, back, rotators, quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles, feet, arches and insteps.

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Center of Balance: Center of balance is extremely important for pointe preparation. A student must have the ability to find their center of balance and maintain proper technique, while performing at the barre and during center combinations. Flexibility: Flexibility of feet and ankles are an important factor. A Theraband may be used to strengthen and stretch muscles and ligaments.

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Ankles should be flexible enough so that when the foot is pointed the toe, instep and knee is in alignment. A good exercise to stretch the ankles is to sit on the floor with feet and knees bent at a degree angle. Have a teacher or parent hold your ankles down in a parallel position while you attempt to gently straighten your legs while moving the buttocks and shifting the body back a little at a time.

Overstretched ankles and high insteps require special attention to build foot strength.

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A Theraband will aid students to build this strength by flexing and pointing the foot with the elasticized band.